Looking at local unemployment numbers


Tire worker   In December, the Oregon Employment Department released its local data for November 2019.
   This data shows Washington County had a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 3.2 percent with a job gain of 1,400 in a 12 month period.
   At the same time, Clackamas County had a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate at 3.6 percent and Multnomah County's rate was 3.4 percent.
   The Oregon Economic Forum's latest report shows the economy is still gaining positive momentum.
   University of Oregon Economist Tim Duy said, "The combination of measures in this report suggests ongoing economic expansion albeit at a slower pace of growth compared to last year."
   To see more data, turn to the reports by Lynn Wallis for Clackamas County (the unemployment rate in this report is not seasonally adjusted); Christian Kaylor for Multnomah County; and Duy's U of O Economic Indicators.
   The Employment Department has a new analyst for Washington County, and WEA will share his report soon.