A look at 2019's local employment numbers


Construction workers on scaffolding   According to Workforce Analyst Brandon Schrader, Washington County has witnessed a record low unemployment rate in December 2019 of 3.0 percent.
   Amazingly, seven Washington County cities had unemployment rates drop below 3.0 percent - as low as 2.2 percent in Hillsboro.
   In 2019, Washington County employers added 1,600 more jobs for a .5 percent increase in 12 months.
   Clackamas County employers increased its jobs by more than double that though - in 2019, 3,400 jobs were added r an increase of 2.1 percent.
   The unemployment rate for Clackamas County was 3.4 percent in December.
   Neighboring Multnomah County ended the year with an unemployment rate of 3.2 percent and 5,100 jobs added in 12 months (1.0 percent growth).
   To learn more, please turn to Lynn Wallis' report for Clackamas County (the unemployment rate is not seasonally adjusted in her report) and/or Brandon Schrader's for Washington County