PGE announces partnership on new solar facility


Solar panels   In a recent announcement, Portland General Electric (PGE) and Avangrid Renewables have agreed to purchase power from what will be Oregon's largest solar generation facility, generating 162-megawatts of power.
   The new Eastern Oregon facility will supply power and the accompanying renewable energy credits to PGE's Green Future Impact customers, helping them source up to 100 percent of their energy from a local renewable energy resource.
   "We're proud to meet growing customer demand for clean energy," said Maria Pope, president and CEO of Portland General Electric. "These partnerships are critical for creating jobs, thereby creating a green economy and accelerating clean energy delivery to customers."
   The Green Future Impact is a voluntary renewable energy program.
   It gives large businesses and municipalities a way to meet their ambitious sustainability goals and strengthen the local clean energy industry.
   To learn more about the Green Future Impact program, click here.