Growing, but keeping the small town feel - North Plains "State of the City"


Teri Lenahan N. Plains 2   Mayor Teri Lenahan of North Plains gave her annual "State of the City" address in February.
   The Mayor said, "The landscape is changing, but the sense of community is not. It remains stronger than ever."
   One of North Plains' goals is to improve its identity and communicate with all of its citizens, bridging the gap between the new and not-so-new residents.
   In the coming year, North Plains will consider an urban growth boundary expansion.
   Lenahan said a 2017 housing study showed North Plains needs 1,500 more homes, and it currently has space for 750.
   The Mayor said there is one development coming online soon that will be the location of about 500 more homes with a mix of housing types.
   North Plains is also looking at employment needs too.
   Lenahan said there will be a bigger focus on downtown improvements and in the entire urban renewal area.
   With its growing population, North Plains has started work on a 2 million gallon water reservoir and a pump station on West Union Road.
   It is working to be a more connected city with sidewalks, walking paths, and markings for bikes.
   The city is also studying possible improvements to its facilities.
   Lenahan said, "We are a town of growing diversity and opinions. We are a community that can agree to disagree. We are creative, generous, and motivated to doing the right thing. There is great potential before us and within our reach."
   To see the video of the "State of the City," visit North Plains' Facebook page.