An opportunity to up your committee involvement game


Marcus and Robin Morales   The WEA annual fundraiser is coming up this summer, and the Golf Committee is back in full swing.
   The committee is looking for members to help gain sponsors, donations, and bring some creativity to this already enthusiastic group.  
   A couple of past members are stepping off the committee this year, including Tiffany Boysun VanDyke and Marcus Morales.  
   Morales is taking a new position closer to his home.
   He has been on the committee for more than 10 years.
   For those who don't know, Morales poured effort into this annual fundraiser like no other.  
   When the theme was "The Big Break," Morales strapped a big wall to the top of his car and hauled it up and over Cooper Mountain for the tournament.
  On another occasion, he had a family vacation starting the day of the tournament, but he still volunteered to pick up beverages on Swan Island and deliver it to Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club before meeting his family back home.
   Now this would already seem like great dedication if he lived on the Westside, but you see Morales lives in Ridgefield, Washington and has been making the commute south to help WEA year after year.
   "In my mind, Marcus deserves an award for all he has done to promote and help facilitate our annual fundraiser," said WEA's Teresa Dunham. "I'm going to truly miss him being on the committee, but I hope he enjoys his new position close to home and short commute."  

Caddyshack Gopher   If you'd like to be a part of the Golf Committee, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
   "The first committee meeting was on Friday, February 2," Dunham said, "Yes, it was on Goundhog's day - cue the 'Caddyshack' music."