Legislative Reception sees its biggest turn out thus far


Legislators   Several WEA members attended this year's Legislative Reception, along with State Treasurer Tobias Read, Senator Mark Hass, and representatives Margaret Doherty, Ken Helm, Sheri Malstrom, Susan McLain, Mark Meek, Julie Parrish, Andrea Salinas, Janeen Sollman, and Richard Vial.
   The legislators and WEA members talked about the issues the state is currently facing.

   Representative McLain said the Legislature is anticipating 300 bills being submitted during the 35 day short session.

   Representative Vial said he actually dropped all of the bills he was looking at sponsoring because he didn't want to contribute to the short session chaos.

   He said he does appreciate the short session and the time to it allows for tweaking things and looking at the budget.
   When it comes to the budget, Senator Hass said he and other leaders are looking at the language of the Federal Tax Act and trying to figure out what the impacts are for Oregon.
   Other issues touched on during the reception included clean energy, education, funding, healthcare, housing, Marijuana, PERS, sexual harassment, the Winterhawks, and workforce training.
   WEA is surveying those who attended the event, and the feedback thus far is all positive.
   Most attendees said they appreciated being a member and getting to hear straight from legislators and to have the opportunity to ask questions of them.
  To see photos from the event, please visit the WEA Facebook page.
  Thank you to Legacy Health for sponsoring the event.