Study shows Comcast has half billion dollar economic impact

Comcast employee   According to an ECONorthwest study, Comcast's business operations generated $528 million in annual economic impact and directly supported 1,914 jobs in Oregon, as well as 1,221 jobs created indirectly.
   Labor income accounted for $192 million dollars with Comcast employees averaging a total compensation of $57,200 per year. 
   Construction spending supported an additional 1,072 jobs, with a labor income of $54.7 million.
  Other sources of economic support include Comcast's business purchases, charitable contributions, and capital spending. 
   "We employ nearly 2,000 Oregonians, providing living wage jobs for their families as well as a vital service that connects individuals and businesses throughout the Willamette Valley," said Rodrigo Lopez, Comcast's Regional Senior Vice-President for Oregon/SW Washington. "We're proud of the investment Comcast has made in the state, adding more than $500 million to the Oregon economy in 2016 alone, and we plan to continue investing and growing here."
   Comcast Oregon/SW Washington is also celebrating more than $3.5 million in financial contributions and gift-in-kind donations, as well as the thousands of volunteer hours its almost 2,000 employees provided in the region.
   To see a copy of the report, click here.