Westside members working towards gold


Olympic VR    At least three WEA members were big contributors to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.
   Comcast was planning to broadcasts more than 2,400 hours of NBC Olympics' live coverage, on demand and streaming coverage.
   The company had also been arming its customers with a voice control remote that will respond to 1,500 Olympics- related voice prompts.
   Behind the scenes even further, Intel's True VR (virtue reality) team had built a system that will allow broadcasters to show the Olympic games in 360-degree and 3D stereoscopic VR. 
content was part of NBC's Olympics coverage, available through the NBC Sports VR app.  
  This marked the largest VR sports event in history.  
   When the U.S. athletes took to the medal stand to bask in the limelight, they were sporting the Nike swoosh.
   The Nike medal stand collection was designed to keep athletes warm and dry during medal ceremonies, which were all be out in the open-air, with the exception of hockey.