Ogden gives his last State of the City address in Tualatin


Lou Ogden2   Tualatin hosted its "State of the City" address this winter too, and it was Mayor Lou Ogden's last address.
   Ogden has served on the Tualatin City Council for the last 25 years.
   Before Ogden got into the nitty gritty he did take a moment to recognize and sing to Tigard Mayor John Cook, who was in the audience and celebrating his birthday.
   The Mayor reflected on the city's last 25 years and looked ahead to the next 25.  
   Ogden said Tualatin was not the place it once was, but that it still continues to be a great place to raise a family and get to know neighbors.
   He talked about having a balanced city where business pays half of the property taxes collected.
   The Mayor also touched on past visions, including where Tualatin Commons are now, which was the former site of Blue Mountain Dog Food.  
   "We are no longer going to the dogs," he said.  
   Ogden touched on the importance of transportation and the consideration of a Tualatin transportation funding measure that could go to voters to fund future transportation projects in the city.
Tualatin   Workforce development was also a big topic, as Ogden said thousands of people struggle to find a job that pays a family wage and employers struggle to find skilled labor to fill jobs.  

   To help bridge the gap, he said he'd like to see students introduced to career technical training earlier in their academic careers.
   Other topics the Mayor touched on included expanding Tualatin's downtown; creating an environment where businesses can expand and develop; expanding boundaries to let the city grow in terms of housing; and to improve the transportation system - including building a road that runs parallel to Tualatin Sherwood Road.
   The video to the left was included in last night's presentation.  .