Tigard gives "State of City" address Hamilton-style


John Cook SOC   During Tigard's "State of the City," the biggest spotlight was on a group of Tigard High Choralation Choir students, who gave a Tigard rendition of the Broadway hit "Hamilton."  
   The choir sang and rapped for about five minutes about all of the activities and services the city has provided over the course of 2017, while a city slideshow played behind them.  
   After the group's performance and standing ovation, Mayor John Cook took to the stage to talk about the status of the City Council's two year goals.
   This included a possible option levy to help fully fund services and items such as police, parks, and sidewalks.
Tigard Choralation Video   He also touched on the Southwest Corridor, urban renewal in the Tigard Triangle, public outreach and annexation, completion of the water supply project done in partnership with Lake Oswego, the safe routes to schools program, the formation of a homeless task force, and other issues.
   To see a video of the Tigard Choralation Choir performance (from the side of the theater), click here