New PSU President gives insight into university


PSU Prez Rahmat Shoureshi   WEA kicked off the 2018 forum season by featuring the new President of Portland State University - Rahmat Shoureshi.
   Although he had only been on the job for six months, Shoureshi showed great knowledge about PSU and shared with the audience how the university was named one of the top 10 innovative colleges in the nation by U.S. News and World Reports.
   It is also one of four universities to have direct contact with the Space Station too.  
   Shoureshi shared his vision for the school moving forward.
   He encouraged local leaders to consider hiring PSU students as part of an education co-op, so the students can bring skills to a business, while obtaining experiential learning.
   Shoureshi said the average age of a PSU student is 27 and possibly a single parent with different needs than a traditional university.
   He said he'd like to see the school offer programs in multiple locations, so not every student would have to travel into downtown Portland.
   The president also touched on the centers of excellence in its partnership with OHSU for healthy living and healthy aging, and the center of excellence in manufacturing.
   He said he'd also like to see the university reaching out to students as early as 8th grade - perhaps offering a PSU class instead of just an AP class in high school.  
   Shoureshi said he'd like to collaborate more with others, such as Pacific University in educating grad students.
   The President of Pacific University, and a WEA Board member, Lesley Hallick, interviewed Shoureshi as part of the forum.
   To read more, check out Peter Wong's article in the Portland Tribune.
  Here is a link to the slides from the forum.
  A PSU video and photos from the forum are on the  WEA Facebook page.