Washington County Sheriff is in recruiting mode


WCSOrecruitment1   The Washington County Sheriffs Office is experiencing what is called a "deputy deficit" - a problem being felt nationwide, according to a recent KOIN TV report.
  As of the beginning of February, the Sheriffs Office had 14 openings (10 at the jail and 4 for patrol) and 
about 50 deputies are eligible to retire.

   Washington County Sergeant Caprice Massey said, "If I could get a larger audience to tell everyone not only how amazing this career is, but Washington County specifically, I'd scream it from the rooftops."
   With the economy doing so well, it seems interest in law enforcement has dropped.
   Recruits must pass a physical test (carrying dummies, running flights of stairs, and etc.); answer questions in front of a video camera; complete a 500-question test; and pass a thorough background investigation.
   According to the KOIN report, Washington County has the highest salary range of the regional counties with pay being about $63,000 to $76,772. 
   Massey said it's not all about the pay though. 
   She touts Washington County Sheriff's Office as being one of the best cultures to work in. 
   To watch the first of the three part series on KOIN, click here.