Keeping the water biz local


Water Supply Project Economic Impact   Building a $1.2 billion water supply is no small feat, and the Willamette Water Supply Program (WWSP) is making great strides to utilize local businesses on the project.
   At the start of 2018, 95 percent of WWSP expenditures were within the local area. 
   Since 2015, $58.8 million has been spent with 105 local businesses.
   "We are very fortunate to have such a skilled and diverse local business community," said Dave Kraska, Willamette Water Supply Program director. "We have a great deal of design and engineering under way, however, this past year we have seen an increase in construction related firms becoming involved as crews have installed pipe in Wilsonville, Hillsboro, and near Sherwood." 
   An estimated 19 construction procurements are needed to build the new water system, which is expected to be running water to residents and businesses by 2026. 
   To learn the latest about the WWSP, turn to its Semi-Annual Business Utilization Report.