Transportation Committee hears from TriMet & Scoop


Transportation Meeting March 14 2   TriMet's new General Manager Doug Kelsey met with the Transportation Committee in March.  
   Kelsey said when he began working for TriMet two years ago, he was tasked with doing a system analysis.  
   This appears to have made Kelsey well versed with the system he now manages.  
   He said "We're in the personal mobility business." 
   Kelsey seems keenly aware of customer service and wants to make things simple for riders.
  "My north star is the customer," Kelsey said.
   He also recognizes changing technology and referred to his Hops pass as an example.  
   In addition to this, he said the agency is looking at technology in alternative fuels.
   He wants to solve issues and look at things collectively with other partners.  
   A couple of upcoming changes coming to TriMet include the addition of five electric buses to its fleet and the planning of two additional bus garages strategically located in the region. 
   Kelsey mentioned a desire to have articulated buses and to have more of a physical presence in the system to help customers feel safer.
   After Kelsey's presentation, Jared Abelowitz from Scoop shared his company's app for carpooling.  
March Transportation Meeting4   Abelowitz showed the committee data where most of the people surveyed said their commute to and from work was the worst part of their day.
   The data also showed 33 percent of people who have a longer commute suffer from depression.  
   The company is hoping to help solve this by increasing human interaction through carpooling.
   Abelowitz also outlined other benefits to carpooling, such as carbon reduction and increased worker productivity. 
   To learn more about Scoop, click here.