Committee hears about bond measure & payroll tax


Tom Mills and Sherilyn Lombos   Those attending this week's WEA Transportation Committee learned more about Tualatin's upcoming bond measure.

   Tualatin City Manager Sherilyn Lombos shared with the committee the polling of residents and how transportation congestion tops their list of concerns.
   Lombos said there was a lot of support for the city to put a bond measure on the May ballot to address traffic congestion in Tualatin.
  In fact, one resident focus group applauded and did fist bumps when a funding measure of $100/year or a higher was suggested.
   She said residents want to see money raised to fix transportation issues now.
   Tualatin voters will get to weigh in on the bond measure on May 15.
   To see Lombos' PowerPoint presentation, click here.
   Also addressing the committee was TriMet's Tom Mills, who shared information on the upcoming payroll tax that will be deducted from employees' paychecks in July.
   The money raised will go to support transit throughout the state.
   Transit agencies won't be able to start spending the funds until January 2019.
   He said TriMet has already started its planning for what services it can provide with the funds.
   Interestingly, the full employment economy also has an impact on TriMet in that it is lacking diesel mechanics to maintain its fleet.
  To see Mills' PowerPoint presentation, click here.