Kaiser Permanente about to welcome patients to new offices


Group shot   In Beaverton, a new medical facility is coming to life at the corner of Western Avenue and Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.
   Kaiser Permanente patients will get to see it all for themselves in mid-December when the new office opens, but WEA caught a sneak peek of it in November.

  The Beaverton Medical and Dental Office is being called "a Next Generation office" and is the first of its kind in Oregon.
  The design is person-centered and will transform the patient experience.

  Medical Office Administrator Santo Graziano beamed like a new parent as he showed off the new facility, which will feature a pharmacy, medical, and dental offices, among other things.
   It features check-in kiosks where a patient can type in their name and get information about where they should go, plus exam chairs instead of tables that can weigh a patient.
   There are also video monitors in exam rooms, so doctors and patients can review information together.
   Staff will also have more open space for collaboration.
   To see more, check out the tour photos on WEA's Facebook page.