Beaverton celebrates its 2018 accomplishments


Denny SOC 2    Mayor Denny Doyle presented his "State of the City" address in January.
  The Mayor touched on the accomplishments of 2018, highlighting among many things the growth in businesses, homes, and land becoming available for development.
   Doyle said the city recognizes the need for housing for all income levels - he celebrates the passing of the affordable housing bond and more affordable housing coming online.      
   He also recognized Beaverton as a great place to eat - Doyle said there are now 49 restaurant businesses in the Beaverton downtown.
   The Mayor also said Beaverton has been recognized as the third best city in the nation to raise a child.
   It is also where the Mayor said all are welcome.
   Doyle talked about the city's diversity engagement - 40 percent of those applying to be on boards and commissions identified as being a person of color.
   He also highlighted Welcoming Week and the activities it features.
   The long awaited Safety Center is also under construction now, and it received a $500,000 grant from PGE for a solar rooftop project.
   During the "State of the City," Mayor Doyle received a note announcing Cambia Health will donate $750,000 to the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts.
   If you missed the "State of the City" address, TVCTV will air it on its channels soon.