Cornelius Pass over the West Hills to close this summer


Corn Pass   If you or your products travel over Cornelius Pass between Hillsboro and Highway 30 on a regular basis, you'll want to start planning your summer/fall detour now.
   Come July, Multnomah County is going to close Cornelius Pass between NW Kaiser Road and Highway 30 for about three months - July 8 to October 7.
   Multnomah County officials say this five mile stretch of Cornelius Pass has a high rate of accidents.
   The county is responding with a safety improvement project that will realign curves, widen shoulders, enhance guardrails, provide vehicle pullout areas, and do some better signage along Cornelius Pass.
   For more information, turn to Multnomah County's Cornelius Pass Road Safety Improvements' web page.
Photo credit: Kittelson & Associates