Legislative Reception - bringing issues to the table


Legislators 2019   WEA members joined eight state legislators for a reception and conversation.
   Senators Rob Wagner and Kim Thatcher, along with State Representatives Margaret Doherty, Ken Helm, Susan McLain, Courtney Neron, Rachel Prusak, and Sheri Schouten shared their priorities for the upcoming legislative session, while WEA members had a chance to ask questions and share their thoughts with the legislators.
  The topics touched on included education, budget, healthcare, mental health, housing, culture at the Capitol, environment, climate change, energy, cap and trade, transportation, autonomous vehicles, the drug take back program, and gun control.
  The eight legislators were open and engaging with audience members, despite coming off of a long week of organizational days and training in Salem.
  Their most recent training had been on civil discourse, so there was a lot of encouraging comments made about how well the legislators truly get along.
  WEA wants to thank Legacy Health for its sponsorship and use of the Community Health Education Center on the Meridian Park Medical Center campus - it was an ideal location for this event, and the staff was very accommodating.