Celebrating former Washington County Chair Andy Duyck
Andy Duyck Jan 2019   Many Westsiders gathered to thank and honor former Washington County Chairman Andy Duyck at Pacific University in Forest Grove.
   Duyck served 24 years on the Washington County Board of Commissioners - 16 as a Commissioner and eight as the Chair.
   Commissioner Roy Rogers is the longest serving member at 34 years, and he and his wife Adrian joked about how Duyck was just a kid when he came onto the Board and how he was known as a "loose canon," which seems like a far cry from the quiet leadership Duyck shows today.
   Gallatin Group's Jill Eiland talked about Duyck's strengths and honesty, saying Duyck is known for being a man of his word and can seal a commitment with a handshake.
   Others who spoke in honor of Duyck included WEA Executive Director Pam Treece, current Washington County Chair Kathryn Harrington, former Washington County Chair Tom Brian, Washington County Administrator Bob Davis, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue's Cassandra Ulven, and Duyck's friend Joe Wessels.