Hillsboro's "State of the City" walks the talk on inclusion


Walking school bus   Those attending Hillsboro's "State of the City" address were treated to some different flavors of life literally.
   The event started with food from caterers, who graduated from the Cocinemos Program - a program that helps Latino entrepreneurs start food-based businesses in Hillsboro.
   Hillsboro's Youth Advisory Council (YAC) led part of the presentation.
   Mayor Steve Callaway also called on his City Council to highlight some of the city's 2018 accomplishments.
   These accomplishments included partnering on transportation projects that added capacity on area roads and highways, enhanced transit service, and/or focused on bike and pedestrian safety.
   Callway also touched on expanded engagement and inclusion through the arts.
   Some of the city councilors also shared information about housing, workforce development, economic development, the Hillsboro Airport, and parks.
   It's obvious Hillsboro has plenty to boast about and that it takes "many partners, many hands" to do what the city does.
   To read more, check out Geoff Pursinger's article in the Hillsboro Tribune