TriMet rolls out new bus fleet & retires the old timers


New TriMet Bus   It's a whole new look with some added benefits for TriMet riders and operators, as the agency adds 64 new buses to its fleet, bringing its total fleet to 712 buses.
  The Gillig 3900-series buses will also sport a different paint job - a classic blue, said to be a soothing color, with a splash of bold, orange striping on the side as a retro tribute to TriMet's original orange bus fleet. 
  Riders will see the following new features:

  • Operator safety panels;
  • Additional exterior lighting near the doors for improved visibility in low light;
  • Upgraded speakers for crisper operator and stop announcements;
  • Sound-reducing material to help muffle mechanical noise;
  • And enhanced skid plates on wheelchair ramps for added traction.

   With the addition of the new buses, the average age of a TriMet bus will be about five years old.
   At one point TriMet's buses were averaging 11.7 years in age, which is more than four years beyond the national average.
   The mass transit agency has now started to retire 20-year old buses that averaged 900,000 miles each.