Clean Water Services' Curtis talks with Land Use Committee 


Nora Curtis   Nora Curtis, the Conveyance Systems Department director for Clean Water Services, shared information with the WEA Land Use & Housing Committee recently, regarding the Tualatin Watershed Enhancement Collaborative (TWEC) and the latest on design standards.
   The TWEC evolved out of a flooding issue in the Cedar Mill/North Johnson Creek area.
   With the help of Washington County's Department of Land Use & Transportation (LUT), Clean Water Services, and Governor Kate Brown, the flooding issue became an Oregon Solutions project, bringing together about 20 stakeholders with different expertise and view points to collaborate on solutions.
   Curtis said this collaboration is now being used as a model for other areas in the basin.
   She also talked about Clean Water Services latest design standards.  
   In order for Clean Water Services to comply with its own Watershed-Based permit, it has to to implement the updated development standards by April 22, which means it has to address hydromodification - this would be the volume and quality of run off that impacts stream erosion.
   Curtis said Clean Water Services wants to make sure the right tools are being used in the right place, so the agency is taking an in-depth look at this issue by considering Sub-Basin Specific Strategies.
  She said higher density areas create more challenges with the hydromodification rules, since one needs more physical space typically to address the issue.
  To learn more about the design and construction standards update, visit Clean Water Services' website.