The rest of the story with Mayor Pete Truax 


Dalin Truax passing of the mic   After Cornelius Mayor Jef Dalin laid the tone for the "State of the City" event, Forest Grove Mayor Pete Truax was handed the microphone.
   Truax jokingly ripped up part of his speech, saying Dalin had covered those topics.
   The Forest Grove Mayor recognized his city's staff for their work on the city's budget and for the services they provide.
   Truax took a jab at those at the federal level, saying local cities never shut down.
   The Mayor said Forest Grove is working to make sure everyone feels included in the community. 
   He also touched on transportation, specifically wanting improvements for Highway 47 at Martin Road and Thatcher Road at Gales Creek Road.
   Truax also touched on affordable housing, electricity, parks, trails, emergency services, Scoggins Dam, and planning for the future.
   The Mayor referred to Scoggins as finally being able to get the dam funds for the dam project.
   He also talked about the possibility of a partnership to form a new fire district.
   In addition, Truax said Forest Grove will be soon celebrating its 150th anniversary, and he questioned what the leaders of today will leave behind for those coming behind them - Truax said he is grateful his city benefits from past forward thinkers, who purchased water rights and thought about power generation.
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