Connecting people through good design - Wilsonville SOC 


Wilsonville Mayor Tim Knapp   Mayor Tim Knapp presented his "State of the City" address during a recent Wilsonville City Council meeting.
   The Mayor talked about the importance of good community design and land use planning, where it promotes connectivity, while maintaining responsible stewardship.
   Knapp also touched on economic development and the desire to have good family wage jobs in its community.
   Wilsonville has 21,000 jobs with a payroll of about $1.1 billion and a population of approximately 25,000.
   In the Frog Pond West area, the city is expecting 570 single family homes will be built on 4,000-12,000 square foot lots. 
   The city wants it to be a walkable neighborhood with a grid road system and regional trails.
   It's also going to be home to this year's NW Natural Street of dreams.
   The Frog Pond East & South areas were brought inside the urban growth boundary (UGB) in December and will be soon be planned.
   Wilsonville has also been conducting a visioning process for its Town Center area.
   Residents want to see it be an attractive place to work, learn, and play - pedestrian friendly with small retail shops in an urban, yet natural environment.
   In his address, the Mayor also touched on the industrial area of Coffee Creek, which has an urban renewal area to help pay for infrastructure - this area is expected to attract jobs and create a $100 million payroll.
   Knapp also talked about the Basalt Creek employment area and the new Basalt Creek Parkway.   
Wilsonville transit center   In a video, the city highlighted its SMART transit system.
   Knapp said SMART has benefited from more than $3 million in competitive grants, and it will benefit from HB 2017's employee paid payroll tax.
   The city's transportation system will also benefit from Clackamas County's $30 vehicle registration fee, which will raise about $500,000 more funds for Wilsonville road projects.
   Other transportation issues being addressed include the Wilsonville Facilities Plan and funding to add an auxiliary lane on southbound I-5 from Wilsonville Road to the Canby Hubbard exit; "spot" improvements where a turn lane, signage, or other small changes have improved roadways; a south metro I-5 corridor study; the possibility of building the French Prairie Bridge for pedestrians and emergency response vehicles; signage and wayfinding placement throughout the city; and the potential of a Metro transportation bond measure.
   To see Wilsonville's "State of the City," click here.