Sherwood "State of the City"-"the good, the bad, & a little ugly"


Mayor Keith Mays with Sherwood Residents   Sherwood Mayor Keith Mays described the state of his city as, "Lots of good stuff happening in Sherwood, a bit of bad, and a really ugly challenge."
   The good can be reported in Sherwood having nearly 1 million square feet of industrial space coming online.
   Mays said the City Council recognizes the need for non-residential development to help balance the city's funding for the services it provides.
   Sherwood is getting its first hotel - a Hampton Inn, which is being built near Highway 99W, south of Roy Rogers Road.
   There is also development of a mixed use building being created in the city's old town; the Cedar Creek Plaza near the police station; and the Langer Entertainment Center.
   Mayor Mays also touched on the 300 acres in the Tonquin employment area between Tualatin and Sherwood, which has the potential for 2,000 jobs and another opportunity for people to live close to where they work.
   Residential development of different types is occurring too, according to the Mayor.
   The city is seeing the building of townhomes and senior housing. 
   Mays also touched on the new high school that is being built on time and under budget; it will open in the fall of 2020.
   When it comes to transportation, the Mayor said Sherwood is working with Washington County on a number of projects, including the widening of Roy Rogers/Tualatin Sherwood Road.
   He also highlighted the opening of the 124th Avenue Extension, opening up a connection between Sherwood, Tualatin, Wilsonville, and I-5.
   The ugly Mays said he was referring to is the unfunded liability of PERS (Public Employees Retirement System).
   Sherwood had projected its PERS expense, but was wrong by $800,000 this budget cycle. 
   Mays said he's hopeful those in Salem will work on PERS and not "punt it down the road."