Snider's "State of the City" - Late Night in Tigard


Mayor Snider   "Late Night in Tigard" wasn't too late into the evening, but it was creative, entertaining, and humorous.
   There was even a segment of audience participation, as the Mayor asked guests to identify City Council members by their answers to the game "2 Truths & A Lie." 
   It may have taken an audience member multiple guesses, but all the councilors were eventually identified, sometimes even referenced as "the-guy-over-there."
   The nuts and bolts of the "State of the City" came through in the story telling, which happened during video interviews on a set that looked like a late night talk show.
   Mayor Snider interviewed downtown business owner Adrian Hinckley, Tigard Police Officer Heather Wakem, and Marquesa Calderon of the Tigard Youth Advisory Council.
   Some common themes came out of these interviews; one is that the city is running very lean.
   Officer Wakem talked about four total police officers being on her shift and the women's locker room at the police station having a leaky roof, while the men's locker room has plumbing issues.
   The City Council is considering both a May 2020 bond measure and levy.
   Officer Wakem also told a story about a homeless woman, and the need for resources to help those like her.
   Another theme is that Snider and the City Council are looking to get out of City Hall and into Tigard neighborhoods, where they can build relationships and be welcoming to all of the community.
   The Mayor closed the event by saying the city is open for business for everyone.
   To see "Late Night in Tigard" for yourself, click here.
   Mayor Snider's monologue is also available to read by clicking here.