A candid conversation with the Port's Curtis Robinhold


Curtis Robinhold   WEA tried something new at the beginning of May - It hosted a Monday Breakfast Forum.
   The Port of Portland's Executive Director Curtis Robinhold took to the forum stage in what was a candid discussion.
  Robinhold talked about the Port's overall business, which includes PDX, the Hillsboro Airport, the marine terminals of T2, T4, and T6, plus industrial properties in the region.
  PDX is under a $2 billion renovation project, and Robinhold said its design is being considered with the future in mind, especially how people will travel.
   This renovation includes an expansion of Concourse B and elimination of Concourse A, which was built as a temporary structure 30+ years ago.
   On the marine side, Robinhold explained the market and how Portland has become a leading export site for autos.
   Robinhold also talked about his view on the region's transportation system, and its need to be "everything and the kitchen sink," meaning it should include highways, as well as bike, ped, transit, and etc.
   To see photos from the event, which was presented by IBEW 48, click here.