King City celebrates renovated City Hall in its "State of the City"


Ribbon Cutting King City   The City of King City hosted an inviting "State of the City" earlier this summer, as Mayor Ken Gibson cut the ribbon on the newly renovated City Hall.
   Mayor Gibson shared the limelight with sponsor PGE's Maria Pope, City Manager Michael Weston, King City Police Chief Ernest Happala, and members of the King City Council.
   Each leader spoke on different topics, including transportation, parks, events, the urban growth expansion, public safety, and more. 
   King City's urban growth expansion is expected to more than double the size of the city.
  Weston said the 528 acre expansion will be broken into 4-5 neighborhoods with some being more urban and higher density than others. 
   He said, "We're getting moving at a rapid pace."
   Mayor Gibson urged community members to get involved and to take ownership of the city.
   He said the city is great, but "we can do better."
   Voters in King City will also be looking at a public safety renewal on an upcoming ballot.
   Mayor Gibson also accepted on the city's behalf a $10,000 donation from Southside soccer to go towards field improvements at a local park.
   The event was wrapped up with a hospitable barbecue thanks to sponsor NW Natural.