New study shows Washington County has the highest percentage of trade related jobs in the state


Acumed inspection   The Value of Jobs Coalition has released its latest study, which showed one in every five (505,700) jobs in Oregon in 2017 was connected to trade.
   In Washington County, it accounted for nearly 11 percent of jobs - the highest percentage of any county in the state.
   Nationally there's often talk about the trade deficit, where more goods are imported than exported, but Oregon is one of 12 states to export more than we import.
   According to the study, conducted by ECONorthwest, and led by the Portland Business Alliance, Pacific Northwest International Trade Association (PNITA) and the Value of Jobs coalition, 43 percent of Oregon's exports are in computers and electronics, while 26 percent ($7.6 billion) are in services - intellectual property licenses, management of global operations, and consulting for engineering, financial, marketing, and/or other services.
   Eighty percent of agriculture products grown here in Oregon leave the state - 40 percent travel to international markets, with Canada and Asia expanding their tastes for Oregon made products.
   Almost 150 countries trade with Oregon.
   Overall, the Portland metro region, which exports $20 billion in goods and services, ranks 14th out of 100 metros nationwide for its share of GDP related to trade.
   "News of volatile policy negotiations and a global cool down on trade are beginning to show their impact. An increase in policy barriers ultimately means less trade activity, leaving Oregon's economy vulnerable to job and wage impacts," the report states.
   To read more about the study, click here.
   Jim Redden also has written an article about it in the Portland Tribune.