Local unemployment rate said to be boring, but it's a good thing


Beaverton Safety Center Construction   It sounds like local employment analysts are sounding a bit humdrum with reporting the data and numbers for our region.
   Multnomah County Workforce Analyst Christian Kaylor said, "Reporting the unemployment rate is getting boring - in a good way. The June unemployment rate came in at 3.8 percent, exactly where it was at last year in June."
   Washington County Workforce Analyst Emily Starbuck has left the building and is relocating to Chicago to attend law school at Northwestern University.
   Before she left town, Starbuck reported that the construction industry in Washington County led employment growth in June with a 7.1 percent gain, and manufacturing continued to add the most jobs over the year, with an added 2,500 jobs.
   Overall, Washington County employers added 6,400 jobs between June 2018 and June 2019 - a growth rate of 2.2 percent.
   In Clackamas County, Workforce Analyst Lynn Wallis reports manufacturing is up 900 jobs in the past 12 months.
   The unemployment rate in June for Clackamas County was at 3.7 percent.
   It's all a far cry from the Great Recession 10 years ago when Oregon was facing a 12.2 unemployment rate, ranking as one of the highest in the nation at the time.
   As American theoretical physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson said, "Nothing is boring if you look at it carefully."
   To see more, turn to one of these reports: Emily Starbuck for Washington County, Lynn Wallis for Clackamas County, and/or Christian Kaylor for Multnomah County/Portland.