Comcast expands low income services


Internet Essentials Comcast    Comcast is expanding its Internet Essentials program - its the company's largest expansion of this program.
   Under this new expansion, internet access eligibility will extend to an additional three million low-income Americans.
   According to the U.S. Census, people living in high-poverty cities are 10 times less likely to have broadband at home than those in higher-earning communities. 
   Comcast has already connected 52,000 households in Oregon and SW Washington. 
   Internet Essentials is Comcast's nationwide effort to close the digital divide, allowing people in the program to search the web for jobs and submit applications; stay on top of their homework; make doctor's appointments; and learn new skills. 
   Carol Salter, president of Easter Seals of Oregon said, "I commend Comcast for extending its Internet Essentials program because it will help us advance our mission to assist individuals with disabilities, veterans, seniors, and their families, particularly in updating their technology skills and finding career opportunities."
   To learn more about the program, click here.