Meet WEA's newest Board members

Nina Carlson GinaColePlaskerSquareCrop Dec 2018
 Nina Carlson Gina Cole

   WEA has two new Board members.
   At its last meeting, the WEA Board of Directors welcomed NW Natural's Nina Carlson and Legacy Health's Gina Cole to the table.
   Carlson is a government and community affairs liaison for NW Natural.
   She is active with a number of economic development organizations and policy boards region-wide. 
   Cole is the director of government affairs for Legacy Health.
   She manages Legacy's relationships with elected officials in Oregon and Washington and directs Legacy's public policy work at the federal, state, and local levels in both states.
   Both Carlson and Cole are active members of WEA's Government Relations Committee.
   A fun fact - Cole was also the public relations director for WEA early in her career.