Merkley forum presentation brought some to tears


Senator Merkley   U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley addressed WEA members and guests this week for the first time at a Breakfast Forum.
   The Senator talked about his experiences at the border and meeting families seeking asylum here in the U.S. 
   Most of the stories were heartbreaking to hear.
   Merkley said the separation of families at the border is obviously creating trauma that is being used to deter people from coming here.
   He said using children in a political strategy like this is "a dark and evil thing."
   Immigration he agreed is an issue that needs addressing, but the work should come through Congress and bi-partisan legislation.   
   The Senator also expressed his concern of what he referred to as the erosion of the three branches of government.
   He also touched on climate change and its effect on Oregon's coastal businesses; working families' need for healthcare, education, living wage jobs, and housing; funding for agricultural research for Oregon crops; Scoggins Dam; H1B work visas; transportation; and other issues.
   WEA took a survey of forum guests afterwards, and the event, sponsored by Jordan Ramis, Kaiser Permanente, and Legacy Health, received high marks.
   To see photos from the event, visit the WEA Facebook page.
   TVCTV also videotaped the event and will share it on its channels in the coming weeks.