Local firefighters are helping our California neighbors


WashCo Firefighters California Wildfire 2   Thirty-three firefighters from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R) headed to California in late October to help battle wildfires there.
   The group was part of a larger response of 15 strike teams made up of 300 fire personnel from across Oregon, according to the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal.
   The TVF&R team worked the Kinkcade fire in northern California, along with eight other Oregon strike teams, which were led by TVF&R Assistant Chief Les Hallman.
   Oregon's other strike teams were originally fighting a different fire, but ended up being reassigned to the Kincade fire too, which has burned nearly 78,000 acres.
   By the time the crews came home, the Kincade wildfire was 68 percent contained.
   For more updates, turn to the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal's  Facebook page.