Clackamas County & 3 others join WEA membership


   The WEA Board of Directors approved the membership applications of four new members at its last meeting. 
   Welcome to the Alliance:

Atwell_ LLC red and gray logo   Atwell - This is a full service consulting, engineering, and construction services firm. Its staff work in real estate land development, oil and gas, and energy markets. 

Clackamas County_s green _ blue triangular logo   Clackamas County - Created in 1843, encompassing 1,879 miles and 15 towns, this county is vital to commerce, agriculture, timber, and manufacturing. Its business community is continuing to grow at a strong rate. These businesses include leaders in metals, machinery, healthcare, high tech, logistics, forestry, food and beverage processing, renewable energy, nursery/agriculture, tourism, and software development.

Tulatin Hills Park Foundation logo - green branch with three leaves   Tualatin Hills Park Foundation is a WEA affiliate (nonprofit) member - This organization is a charitable foundation charged to ensure every person living within Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District's boundaries (THPRD) is able to use the district's facilities and programs.

Union Gospel Mission_s circular logo with a graphic of a house in the middle with a heart   Union Gospel Mission is another WEA affiliate (nonprofit) member - It is an organization that seeks to minister to the homeless. It provides more than 250,000 meals a year to the homeless and people in need. It is also home to the LifeChange program, which is a recovery community transforming lives.