Seeing clearly going into 2020 - Beaverton's "State of the City"


Beaverton SOC 2020 1   "Beaverton is a more livable, dynamic, and thriving city than ever before, and the proof is all around us," said Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle during his "State of the City" address in January.
   The Mayor went on to point out a number of Beaverton's highlights for 2019 and things to come in 2020.
   In 2019, Beaverton's central downtown area added eight new restaurants; construction crews began building a new hotel; a mixed use, office area has been planned; and "the crown jewel," also known as the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts project, broke ground.
   A groundbreaking will happen this spring, near Beaverton High School, for the region's first affordable housing project from Metro's recent affordable housing bond.
   The Mary Ann, named after Beaverton's first school teacher, will offer 54 affordable and deeply affordable apartments.
   On Cooper Mountain and in South Cooper Mountain, 175 permits were approved for new homes.
   The program aimed at helping people living in their cars, "Safe Park," has successfully transitioned several people into housing.
   Doyle also said the city is looking at improvements in transportation planning, including for bicycles and pedestrians.
   Coming up in a few months, Beaverton will open its new Public Safety Center.
   Beaverton has also joined the Willamette Water Supply Program and has been invited to apply for a federal EPA low interest loan that is anticipated to save rate payers $20 million.
   The Beaverton City Council also recently adopted a new carbon reduction plan.
   Doyle said, "The adopted plan outlines the city’s goal for zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050, if not sooner. It also includes city operation targets of 50 percent fossil fuel reduction and carbon neutral by 2030."
   To see some photos from the event, visit Beaverton's Facebook or Instagram accounts.
   The Mayor reiterated, "The Westside is the best side."