Greenhouse Gas Emissions & more - WEA's Legislative Reception


Legislative Panel   About 50 WEA members and 11 state legislators attended WEA's 2020 Legislative Reception at Legacy Health's Meridian Park Medical Center.
   The legislators talked about the issues they are diving into currently and about the new greenhouse gas emissions legislation (SB1530).
   Senator Michael Dembrow shared how this new legislation on emissions would have three parts.
   He said the first component would focus on transportation and would be phased in geographically, with it affecting the Portland metropolitan area almost immediately - the other urban areas in the state, importing 10 million gallons of gas or more, would follow in 2025.
   The second component would look at manufacturing, especially those manufacturers considered to use a lot of natural gas and are sensitive to trade competition.
   Finally, the third component would focus on how money is invested in the program - this would include wildfire prevention and energy efficiency.
   Representative Janeen Sollman talked about the cost associated with climate change - washed out roads, wildfires, and acidic ocean levels.
   As an in-home nurse, Representative Rachel Prusak said she sees the climate refugees - people who have moved due to floods and fires.
   In 2019, the House passed a carbon reduction emissions bill (HB2020), but it did not get through the Senate, and Representative Ken Helm talked about that legislation.
   He said he will need to look at this new bill closely, but his biggest concern was the delay of implementing legislation in some areas of the state, and it possibly keeping Oregon from participating in the Western Climate Initiative.
   The other issues the legislators touched on revolved around healthcare, higher education, job training, transportation, and safe storage of guns.
   WEA wants to thank Legacy Health for its sponsorship of the Legislative Reception.
   To see photos from the event, please visit the WEA Facebook page.