Hillsboro's State of the City - You count. We count. Hillsboro counts


Mayor Steve Callaway 2020 SOTC   The upcoming 2020 U.S. Census was one of several topics touched on during Hillsboro Mayor Steve Callaway's "State of the City" address in January.
   Hundreds of people packed the Shirley Huffman Auditorium to hear how the city is doing.
   Each city councilor addressed the crowd, some in memorable ways, including Councilor Anthony Martin holding his seven month old daughter Juniper during his remarks; Councilor Beach Pace riding her electric scooter up to the dais; and Councilor Fred Nachtigal on the video screen from his vacation in Spain.
   Councilor Olivia Alcaire talked about the importance of everyone being counted for the Census and how it affects funding for public services and possibly an additional congressional seat.
   Callaway spoke on diversity and the types of community outreach the city has been providing.
   The address also touched on first responders, business activity in the city, sustainability efforts, library services, parks and recreation, transportation, housing, internet services, and the Hillsboro Hops.
   The most touching moment of the evening was a tribute to 14-year old Nabila Maazouz, who died a couple of months ago at a Hillsboro pool.
   The night ended with a competitive Hillsboro Water Department crew putting together a fire hydrant, which took them 96 seconds.
   Callaway remarked, "Don't ever tell me government workers don't work hard and don't work fast."
   If you missed the event, you can see it entirely on Hillsboro's Facebook page