Land Use Committee has discussion on homeless measure


Feb 2020 Land Use and Housing   Metro Councilor Juan Carlos Gonz├ílez and HereTogether's Cole Merkel talked with the WEA Land Use & Housing Committee in February on a proposed May 2020 ballot measure focused on funding wraparound services for the homeless population and for those at risk of becoming homeless.
   Merkel explained the history of the homeless crisis in the Portland metro region, which he said began in the 1970s and became worse after the Great Recession, when those already living here found themselves priced out of the housing market.
   He touched on the passage of the affordable housing bond and explained how the bond did not provide the support services that this vulnerable populations needs.
   The committee asked questions about the funding mechanism for the measure, which is a *proposed income tax on those in the upper tax brackets and to be administered through Metro.
   Some also questioned the fast track the measure seems to be on and how Metro will have to vote on it next week to make the May ballot.
   To learn more, see Merkel's PowerPoint presentation, a HereTogether videoanother video, and/or the latest from Metro.
   * A few days after this meeting, a business tax was added to the funding mechanisms. 
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