Forest Grove & Cornelius partner up on annual "State of the City" addresses


FG and Cornelius SOCs Mayors Truax Dalin   The nice neighborly relationship was on full display in February between Forest Grove and Cornelius.
   These two cities annually host a "State of the City" address together.
   This year's event was hosted at the new Cornelius Library, where many leaders from around the Westside gathered to celebrate.
   Forest Grove Mayor Pete Truax took the microphone first to share the challenges and progress of his city.
   Sadly, Forest Grove is mourning the death of two of its city councilors - Tom Johnston and Ron Thompson.
   Mayor Truax spoke highly of both councilors.
   He also talked about other issues such as road improvements, affordable housing, employment, the Washington County Cooperative Library Services' levy, and the city's electric utility.
   Cornelius Mayor Jef Dalin seemed jubilant about sharing the new library with guests.
   He said the circulation at the Cornelius Library has doubled; its WiFi use has tripled; and there are 55 people living in the affordable homes in the floors above it.
   Cornelius had a big year in 2019, as it accepted an award as an "All American City," an award from the League of Oregon Cities, and a community outreach award from the American Planning Association.
   Voters in the city passed a fire levy by 83.5 percent.
  Dalin also talked about the city's creation of a 52 million gallon aquifer for drinking water, the development of industrial flex space for jobs, and a mix of homes being built in the community.
   He also touched on homeless services and its partnerships with Forest Grove on a variety of issues.