"We must be better than this" - West Linn's "State of the City"


Mayor Axelrod SOC   During the first few minutes of West Linn's "State of the City" address, Mayor Russ Axelrod talked about how this event is normally the fun part of being mayor, but unfortunately the city has been dealing with issues surrounding a former police chief and racism.
   "We must stand steadfastly against racism, sexism, bigotry, and hate in any form. We can't ignore this is happening in our community. We can no longer be complicit in a system that excludes and hurts others," said Axelrod. "It is in these times we have an opportunity to rise above who we are, or who we think we are, and become who we should be."
   The Mayor showed emotion and passion, saying when he faces times of uncertainty he follows his gut and his heart.
   After this, Axelrod went on to share the highlights of the city's work for 2019 - its participation in a Multi-City Equity Summit last fall and information gleaned in becoming a more inclusive community; the addition of an emergency water supply trailer, GO (general obligation) Bond projects being completed; the plans to restore the former City Hall for recreation and museum purposes; planning for the city's waterfront area; the reopening of the Willamette Falls Paper Company and the jobs it brings; the work with the Willamette Falls Locks Commission; and transportation funding.
   To see the West Linn's "State of the City" in its entirety, visit the city's Facebook page.