Clackamas County's "State of the County"


Clackamas County State of the County   The Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners took to the stage in February to give a "State of the County" address.
   The event was co-hosted by the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce and Clackamas County Business Alliance.
   Throughout the program, the commissioners referred to the Performance Clackamas, which is Clackamas County's strategic plan.
   Commissioner Paul Savas talked about transportation funding and the political headwinds the county faces with projects.
   There was talk about the proposed legislation to move state funding from the Rose Quarter/I-5 project to the Abernethy Bridge/I-205 project.
   Funding for the Sunrise Corridor was also discussed, with partial funding from Metro's proposed "Get Moving 2020" measure - the Sunrise Corridor has been envisioned for more than 30 years.
   The county's recent $30 a year vehicle registration fee came up in discussion, and Commissioner Martha Schrader said it would've been irresponsible not to go with it because the need is so great.
   Chair Jim Bernard said Clackamas County is $300 million behind its counterparts when it comes to transportation funding.
   Commissioner Sonya Fischer touched on the county's natural resources.
   Creating family wage jobs and supporting economic development were Commissioner Ken Humbertson's topic of choice.
   Other topics that were discussed included homelessness, climate action, diversity, and the county's budget.