Increasing costs over 21 years leads to an increase in member dues


WEA 2019 Financials   Over the years, like all businesses and organizations, WEA has faced increasing costs.
   The organization has held the line on increasing membership dues to meet these expenses.
   WEA staff has recently done some research and cannot find when dues were increased during the organization's 21 year history.
   There was a change in dues structure about six years ago, but it was a revenue neutral move on the organization's part.
   WEA has worked to increase revenue in other areas, such as sponsorships of events and forums and growing the participation in the annual Westside Golf Scramble.
   The organization has a lean budget and is now at a point where it needs to raise membership dues to cover its costs.
   Most members will see about an 8 percent increase in their 2020 membership dues invoice as a result.
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   To see WEA's financials for 2019, turn to the Annual Report (page 10).