About Us

We are a nonprofit, member-based organization that advocates for a healthy economy on the Westside of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan region. Westside Economic Alliance provides our members with a unified voice on local, regional, and state issues. At WEA we believe that smart investments require a balancing of three elements: creating a taxing and incentive environment where businesses can thrive, bolstering a well-trained and well-paid workforce, and investing in the creation of a healthy community.

Issues of concern include land use regulations, housing, urban growth boundary expansion, transportation funding, workforce development, and other Westside infrastructure issues vital to economic development. Westside Economic Alliance members work strategically through our committees on local, county, and state policy-making, to advocate for our members.

Vision, Mission and Strategy Statements

Updated and Adopted by the Board of Directors February 2023

Vision Statement

Where do we want to be in the future?

To realize vibrant, prosperous, and diverse communities on the Westside of the Portland Metro region.

Mission Statement

What do we do? What makes us different?

Promote and encourage a vibrant business environment on the westside of the Metro region by supporting the creation and growth of economic opportunities, investments in a well-trained and well-paid workforce, and strategies for healthy and sustainable communities.


How will we realize our mission?

Improved visibility as a premier economic development region for businesses to locate, expand, and thrive.

Timely information to our members on public policy and current issues that impact the economic vitality, workforce, and community health of the region.

Engagement and interaction with decision makers to highlight critical policy direction and work towards creative and collaborative solutions.

Provide a unified voice on issues affecting the Westside of the Portland metro region.

Strengthen and grow organizational and member networks through targeted events and engagement opportunities.

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