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WEA creates membership value through:

  • Improved visibility of the Westside as a premier economic development locale for businesses to locate, expand, and thrive.
  • Timely information to our members on public policy and relevant current issues that impact the economic vitality of the region.
  • Opportunities to engage and interact with elected officials to work towards creative and collaborative solutions.
  • Development of a unified voice for members on public policy issues affecting the Westside of the Portland metro region.
  • Network development through member only events and opportunities.

WEA Members Receive:

  • Member Pricing for Events
  • Early registration for signature events
  • Invitations to four quarterly member-only social events
  • Bi-monthly newsletter and other briefs on legislative and regional information
  • Access to WEA’s key committees – Transportation, Land Use & Housing, Government Affairs
  • Invitations to join taskforces and strategic meetings to advance opportunities in the region

WEA Memberships:

Corporate Member                       $1,100

A corporation (with up to 5 individuals participating in WEA initiatives.) Includes up to 5 personnel on the WEA roster.

Solopreneur                                    $350

A singular consultancy. Includes one individual on the WEA roster.

Non-Profit                                        $250

Charitable non-profits operating in the Westside geographic region. Includes up to 3 personnel on the WEA roster.

Public Sector                                   Per Cap Rate

Local agencies and jurisdictions operating in the Westside geographic region.

Reach out to Dani to learn more about membership, annual partnerships and sponsorship.

To apply to join Westside Economic Alliance please fill out the application and send to

WEA Membership Application Form (PDF)

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